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How many emails do you get every week from brands and retailers? How long do you spend decluttering your inbox? We think there’s a better way.

With Opt Me In, take control of your inbox – just opt-in via one of our owned websites or via one of our partner websites and receive relevant advertising from brands you care about. Or use Opt Me In to see what data we hold about you, make changes, and reset your advertising preferences.

Here you can learn about how we help brands with their marketing, advertising and service delivery, how we process data as part of our Insight Services and what to do if you wish to opt out

We bring transparency to online advertising

Here’s the truth about online advertising. In an ideal world, we all want the same thing. You only want to see ads from brands you like, and advertisers don’t want to waste marketing budget reaching people who will never buy their products. Opt Me In uses the data we know about you to send you offers from brands we think you would like. We gather, analyse, combine, and process data to help brands we work with to communicate more effectively, saving them (and you) time and money.

Your opt-in is managed centrally. So you can manage that data, tell us which brands you want to hear more-or less-from, and get exclusive offers from brands you love and lookalike brands you might love in the future. Plus if you want to stop all marketing, just simply unsubscribe or click here and we never market to you again.

What Opt Me In Does:

Send you relevant marketing from your favourite brands and undiscovered lookalike brands with great offers

You can opt-in to marketing via email, postal, SMS and telephone.

When you opt-in, we use your data to profile you to better target. We explain all uses clearly in our Privacy Policy.

You can opt-out and your data will be removed from  marketing.

Provides a clear view of which brands work with at Opt Me In – just visit this page.

Provides control over how your email works alongside profiling and online identifiers like cookies

Provides more relevant advertising on social media channels like Facebook

All with one simple click on any brand partner site, so we know you’re happy for us to use your email for third-party marketing.

How We Use Your Data

When you opt-in via our websites or via a partner we are affiliated with, we collect your data and use this to serve you more targeted advertising.

We will only ever send you marketing via the channels you have opted in to: Email, Postal, Telephone or SMS. 

We may also retarget you via a social platform like Facebook or a display ad. 

Brands come to us to help them find new customers, learn insights about their audiences, ensure the details they hold are correct and understand whether a customer is the same person across multiple devices and channels.

In some cases, if you are already a customer of the brand, then we may provide additional information about you to them. This is called data appends and enrichment. The brand will notify you they have done this and you can always choose to opt-out.

When we run marketing on the behalf of brands, your data remains with us and we do not share this with the brand. We only share aggregated information about you, unless we have specific permission to share your personal data. If you have opted in to the brand, we may share additional data with them about you, this is known as a data append.

In summary, we use your data to:

Profile you to better understand you and people like you.

Communicate with you more effectively and at the right time with marketing messages

Offer you relevant products and services from brands we think you may like

Find others like you across a range of communication channels and locations

Retarget you if you engage across a range of communication channels

Your Rights

You have the right to opt-out at any point and you can do so by hitting the unsubscribe button found in every email we send or by clicking here

When you opt-out, we hold a record of this on a suppression file. This ensures that should your data re-enter the database again, you will be automatically deleted. This is the only way we can ensure you don’t hear from us again.

You also have the right to see what data we hold on you and you can make a request by clicking here, you will be then sent an email to validate your identity.

We will always behave ethically and diligently in protecting your data, should you wish to be part of the Opt-Me-In community.

Other Rights Include:

Right to be informed
Right to Access
Right to be Rectification
Right to be forgotten
Right to be object
Rights related to automated decision making including porfiling
Right to be restrict processing
Right to portability

See our mailing brands and owned websites:

What We Do With Your Data

MARKETING: Brands use our services to reach new customers. We will work with brands to find an audience that is relevant to them, this may be based on the demographics we know about you or your past interactions with brands we have sent you. We will then communicate with you on behalf of the brand through email. From time to time, we may use another channel like social or postal to reach you. We do not pass the brand your data, we manage the marketing process, including sending the emails. 

CUSTOM AUDIENCES – SOCIAL AND DISPLAY MARKETING: Some marketing platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Linkedin and Google provide a feature called Custom Audiences. This features allows a list of encrypted emails addresses to be uploaded to the platform and matched to users on these platform. You can then target the matched users with an advertisement via this platform. We may use this feature via our own branded pages or upload an audience to a brand we work with platform account. Your data may be included within a custom audience but the data will not be shared directly with the advertiser and we will load the data directly to the platform of choice in an encrypted manner, we will control the usage of the data and ensure it is deleted. Your data may be included in a custom audience, as you have received or engaged with an email we have sent on the behalf of that brand or you are deemed a relevant potential customer.

PROFILING: We build segments and models that will indicate the likely characteristics and behaviours of an individual based on the information we know about you. This may be from demographic data provided at the point you signed up, your interactions with campaigns we send or from publicly available data. We then use this data to help brands understand their audience or find people who are likely to buy their products. We may pass your data to companies like, DataLabs Group, who will provide this service. For you, you get more relevant advertising and hopefully some savings too.

FRAUD PREVENTION: We pass your data to companies operating in the Fraud Prevention and Credit Profiling space. They are using the data to check whether people are who they say they are. 

IDENTIFICATION: Now that people use multiple devices, it is difficult for brands to know if you are the same person. We help brands to understand whether you are the same person on your mobile, as on your desktop. We do this by collecting and attaching online identifiers back to your email address. This means you won’t have that same ad following you around for months when you have already purchased the product. In some cases, we may pass annoymised data about you like IP address, cookie ID and more to other technology platforms who are also helping brands understand who is the same person across devices.

DATA APPENDS AND ENRICHMENT: Where an advertiser already holds your data, as you may be a customer of theirs, we will look to append additional information to help them better target and understand who you are. This may include demographics and behavioural information. is owned and operated by ESB Connect Limited.

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